Fiona Jessica - Vocal Coach

My Three Promises

I promise that you can sing.

I promise that you will love to sing. 

I promise that after just a few sessions your confidence will soar, your spirits will lift and
you’ll be as proud as punch!

I’ve had a love affair with the voice for nearly 35 years. A real, passionate love affair. ‘Ridiculous, inconvenient, consuming, can’t live without each other love’ to quote a fictional New Yorker. This relationship has taken me to Paris, Buenos Aires, Antarctica, New York, Singapore, Alaska, Vienna, Reykjavík, Cape Town, Mumbai, Sydney…and together, my voice and I have kept one another company through all of life’s tricky moments and challenges.

I love the feeling of connecting with my breath, opening my chest and back and releasing natural sound – my own, organic, natural sound – into the air around me. I love turning that natural sound into notes and feeling those notes and melodies resonate throughout my body as I ride through the vocal range from pitch to pitch.

I love that feeling of total freedom when breath, body and voice are working together in perfect harmony, allowing me to express myself fully without all the neuroses and insecurities of daily life standing in the way.

And I love, absolutely love, passing all of this on.

Learning to use one’s voice – the organic, natural, unique voice we have all been given – is one of the most valuable gifts we can present to ourselves, and has a positive impact on how we engage with others and how we present ourselves to the world.

If we stop singing, we block one of the most natural forms of human expression and it is my belief that connecting with the voice has the power to set you free.


Performance Skills

So welcome to the site!

There’s so much about the voice and performance skills that I want to share, and because it wasn’t always easy for me to get up there and out there (you’ll discover more about my innate shyness throughout my BLOG and tales of a SOPRANO AT SEA), I am super sensitive to all who think they ‘can’t’, and I know exactly how to turn that around into ‘I can’.

And once you can, oh the places you’ll go…

You’ll find a bit about my career in ABOUT and a lot about myself in BLOG. In the COACHING section you’ll read about who I teach, what I teach and where I teach.

If you fancy getting in touch, please go to CONTACT and we’ll arrange a free 30-minute, no-obligation consultation lesson.

I am approachable, understanding, down to earth and I believe in you. And in the power of the voice. Welcome!

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